1st prize competition

Arch. Marco Sette

Location: Bolzano (BZ)
Year: 2020 - in progress
Category: Competition, interiors

Arch. Alexandr Platon
The design concept is inspired by the Alperia philosophy, and great attention is paid to architectural quality, functional aspects, and technological and plant engineering solutions. Specifically, the project deals with the renovation of the boardroom and the west wing of the complex.
The design concept starts from the assumption of wanting to reorganise the spaces in a rational way, trying to obtain a functional and optimal distribution layout in compliance with the client's objectives.
An important part of the project is the replacement of the existing glass façade with a triple-glazed one with ug=0.5 W/(m² K) ,g<20%. Venetian blinds built into the glass further improve the solar factor and also allow light to be directed to minimise glare.
In this way, a high level of environmental comfort is achieved both in the entrance area on the ground floor and in the boardroom on the second floor.
The boardroom is the most important representative room of the project and was designed down to the last detail. The furniture was custom-designed to allow for the integration of all the necessary technological and plant engineering systems, and is covered with iroko wood planking that enhances and harmonises the proportions and at the same time helps to reduce noise. The large glazed entrance to the hall is equipped with a smart system to regulate transparency, and an image evocative of the Alperia spirit is printed on it.