Arch. Marco Sette

Location: San Cristoforo (TN)
Year: 2021 - in progress
Category: Residential

Arch. Alexandr Platon
Arch. Agnese Alfonsi

The building to be demolished and rebuilt is located in a 1960s subdivision on the north shore of Lake Caldonazzo.
The design development of the new building is based on the client's desire for a low-energy, healthy and sustainable construction, where a single residential unit is built on two levels.
The body of the building is made up of two formally distinct volumes: an upper volume treated with striped brown plaster and a lower volume, broken up by the glazed internal passageway, treated with light plaster. Both volumes open with large windows towards the south-west,
ensuring reciprocal permeability with the surrounding environment, while maintaining few openings on the north-eastern side.
As far as the internal distribution is concerned, the sleeping areas are located on the ground floor and the living area on the first floor. Thanks to this choice, from the spaces on the upper floor it is possible to enjoy the view of the lake and the surrounding mountains, once again favouring the relationship with the surrounding natural context.
Thanks to the correct management of the technological systems and the building envelope, the building achieves energy class A+.