1st prize competition

Arch. Martin Riegler
Arch. Marco Sette

Location: Bolzano (BZ)
Year: 2019
Category: XXL, interiors, competition

Collaborator: Alexandr Platon
The association of hoteliers in South Tyrol, Hgv, wanted to create a space dedicated to food culture in all its aspects: cultivating, eating, learning, educating, etc.
The concept was to create an environment as varied as the dishes of South Tyrolean cuisine.
The space is large, open and flexible, and is configured as a large open space: it can host exhibitions, shows, seminars, receptions, lounges, cooking classes, etc. The heart of the project is the central skylight seen as a square around which all the functions develop.
The perimeter is formed by the curved wall covered with circular wooden slats which houses interactive niches, displays of objects (spoons, forks, etc. are integrated into the wall), monitors.
The shape of the wall and the materials used are strongly reminiscent of the South Tyrolean environment: the cement floor contains inert materials from all areas of South Tyrol and the four
districts into which the HGV is divided: the chestnut wood wall strips are pfc certified and metaphorically represent the trees that cover much of our land and the members of the HGV. All the typical products will be used, reinterpreted in a modern and contemporary way, as is the case with tourism in Alto Adige: originality and identity but with a contemporary vision. Another important element is that they are all natural and recyclable materials for wellbeing and also represent nature and South Tyrol as a sustainable land.
The name of this new centre and space is Gustelier and it represents a stage for taste and the pleasure of the palate, and the architecture is therefore discreet, welcoming and functional.
Sulla terrazza posteriore ci saranno delle fioriere come simbolo di freschezza del prodotto, qualità e prodotti gastronomici a filiera corta.